Sunday in Santo Domingo

Today before we went to church I had led devotion with a small verse from the bible. Later the group split up and went to 3 different church services. The church service I had gone to did not have a sermon because of a presentation that was about how Sunday school is very important to go to. One thing that I found as a big change was that communion wasn’t given. Being born into the denomination Disciples of Christ I take communion every Sunday but other than that the songs and the way people praised God were all familiar to me. After service I had the opportunity to spend time with my family that I hadn’t seen since I was a child. I was able to visit both my aunts and ate lunch with them. After the great family reunion I met up with the group at “Parke de Independencia” there we shared fun and laughs at a concert close by and ended the day off with another great reflection of our day and a closing prayer. Francisco

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Suddenly it hits me; only one FULL day left here in the Dominican Republic. On our journey to church this morning, the realization that pretty soon I’ll be home hit me. Like a brick wall. The feeling of embracing my family lightened my mood for a little bit today, but the rest of the day was more of a silent reflection on how dearly I’m going to miss this island. Spending my days with the Caminante program and bonding with the kids, going to the clear water beach, long walks and drives landing us in the middle of nowhere to bring smiles on the face of others has made a complete 180 in my life! Everyday a new person would tell me all about how excited they are to see me, and would genuinely show this appreciation through gestures and overall happiness. I truly have to thank God for this opportunity because here I have seen His love shine bright in the darkest of circumstances. Cannot wait until next year.

Javier A.


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