Broader Panoramic Vision

We traveled to Vida Nueva Church (New Life Church) to have breakfast. After having our bellies filled, we loaded the bus to head to Arellanos to visit the food project of Pastor Flory. We enjoyed incredible food and she explained to us that the food would be used to pay for her son’s education.

Then we headed back to the church where we had an awesome time in the Lord. The Holy Ghost was ushered in by the praise team’s dancers and Denise Turner (part of the WWW delegation) allowed Dios (God in Spanish) to speak through her on the subject of the Samaritan woman. The ladies of Aguascalientes presented us with beautiful gifts as well as angelic dancing and a play that demonstrated how harmful gossip could be.

Following service, we had lunch with some of our now extended family in Aguascalientes at Restaurante Las Delicias de María. Since Aguascalientes means “hot water”, we went to a hot water spring in the city where we were allowed to place our feet into the water. We were later taken to downtown to tour the beautiful city of Aguascalientes. Sadly, the shops were closed because it was late on Sunday, but we were able to enjoy the beautiful downtown scenery. We were still full with the grande lunch (big lunch) we had been treated with, but it was time for dinner again! Our Mexican family prepared a feast for us. We sang, ate and said our farewells to our New Life Church family.

By now, our eyes are heavy, we have to waddle to walk from so much wonderful food, and we return to the hotel for debriefing. We all expressed our uttermost gratefulness to our Mexican family in Aguascalientes for their hospitality, love and for opening our eyes and hearts to see in a broader panoramic vision.

Tammy Simpson, North Carolina

September 22, 2013

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