Seeing People in New Ways

The timing of a day is an interesting thing when you are on a journey like ours. It seems there is much more than one could ever possibly think could fit in 24 hours. Maybe that is because there is a heightened awareness of taking in so much that is new.

Today, we headed to Granada, a beautiful city that continues to carry the look of the Spanish who landed here some 500 years ago. Of course, that landing was a mixed bag. Seems when the Spanish landed they saw property more than people.

But here has been the gift of the spirit for us so far. We have seen people in new ways. Especially as we have gotten to know people from Iglesia Misión Cristiana our view of what church is has expanded and changed. Could it be that this is what happens when worship has Spanish and English woven together into some kind of strange Pentecost symphony? Could it be that when you sing songs with motions like “Radical Man” with its fist pulling down response to the lyric “oh, oh, oh, YES!, the rabble rousin’ Radical Man” and people of another place join with you, that you realize something larger than the sum of the parts has invaded your experience? Oh, oh, oh, YES!

Sometimes, the gift of shared worship is that you learn motions to new songs, the words of which you don’t understand, but the spirit of which is crystal clear. So we sang a song of our partners with motions, touching our toes and our knees and swimming with our arms in mid-air. What we discovered was delight. It is true that you can sweat and have goose bumps all at the same time.

Then at the at end of the worship, our hosts, whose church we learned was in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Managua, offered us crackers and juice. Food for the journey to our home (or was it communion which they shared?) where there was one more surprise awaiting us – a birthday surprise party for one of our group, Ashton, who turned 18. And so we were all blessed there at the Emmanuel Center, the God-with-us center, for God certainly was and is with us. Oh, oh, oh, YES!

Our partners helped us remember that in the Christian life, the Third day, is always “Yes”! The timing of a day is an interesting thing…

¡Dios te bendiga!

Dave and the Team

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