Allisonville Christian Church Haiti mission 2015

What a day today! We arrived to share the day with our sisters and brothers at Conapaspeh, the National Council of spiritual churches of Haiti. We began the day with the president of the organization, Patrick Villier and the director of the school, Françoise VIllier welcoming our group. They shared with us about the political and social economic situation of the country. Things seem to superficially have improved in the country, but just under the surface things are just as difficult as before the earthquake.

Patrick continues to believe that the only way for this country to move forward is through education. Conaspeh continues to serve the community with educational opportunities through the elementary school, high school, seminary, and vocational school.

As many of you know, we as a group had two objectives on this trip. One was to bring musical instruments for the school and the other was to bring tablets that would assist the seminary with their library.

We were blessed to receive 17 instruments, and 30 tablets which will be used for the Seminary D’Andre. We Also brought two sets of children’s handbells. As we presented the instruments, there were smiles and happiness all around! As the instruments were inspected and played the music teachers from the school became happier and happier! When they unpacked the children’s handbells, there were confused looks on the faces of the teachers. They did not understand the concept of the bells and seemed somewhat skeptical. Paula presented lessons to the teachers so they could in turn teach the children tomorrow. It was amazing to watch the brightness in the smiles and the eyes as they begin to learn the concept. When we were done with the lessons they thanked us profusely and said that this was a great gift for the children of Haiti and Conaspeh. After the lessons we put the bells away, and they in turn gave us a gift. They took one of the trumpets and one of the flutes that the group brought and gave us a spectacular concert and played amazing grace! What a blessing!

But we were not done for the day. In The afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with the bishops of Conasoeh – 13 bishops. It was here that we presented the tablets to them. This is the first time that many of them had held an electronic device besides a telephone. Their eyes sparkled as they opened up their French digital Bible and their kreyol digital Bible. Patrick then said this is a revolution for our organization! It is not a revolution arms or guns, but it is a revolution for the minds of our people!

It was a great day! And many of our brothers and sisters in the United States made this happen! We will see what the day holds for tomorrow! Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.


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