Lives Touched

A very long day as we left our hotel in Chennai at 4:00am for our 6:00am flight to Raipur. We had a near disaster at the airport when told at check in to place bags and carry-ons on the scale and discover we had too much and needed to check some carry-ons. We were sent back to the x-ray machine with our carry-on and when we came back to the counter the gate was closed! We were quickly ushered through security, divided by males and females, and a security guard removed us from the line to run us to the plane as they were holding it for us.

We were met at the airport in Raipur by Arun and taken to the Guest House on the property of the Christian Hospital Mungeli, Rambo School and the Nursing School. There, we were met by Dr. Anil Henry, and after much needed coffee, he gave us a tour of everything! We visited were the ICU, labor and delivery room, maternity ward, a new cancer center, to name a few. Dave, Rebecca and I were excited to see the X-Ray and CT Scan room where Sarah Williams, a Global Mission Intern, works. (Sarah is from our home church, Saguaro Christian Church in Tucson, AZ).

We enjoyed a delicious Indian lunch at the Guest House, then off to another wild ride! It was a 4 hour ride from Mungeli to Kanha National Park where 13 passengers fit in an ambulance driven by the Rambo School principal. We will wake up early tomorrow in hopes of seeing tigers. The ride here was almost a game hunt as we dodged people, monkeys, cows, water buffaloes, goats, trucks, motorcycles, and buses on a road that was barely a road.

The day has been as full of sights and sounds, sickness and wellness, and joy and sadness as we experienced the lives of many people in India in the rural areas. We were touched by the passion of the Henrys and of all who serve here in healing, teaching, and showing God’s love. What a joy to be able to witness the lives touched in partnership with Global Ministries.

Phyllis H.

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