God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again


We slept in because breakfast wasn’t until 8:30a. We had all of our luggage and hauled it to the gate. We loaded the bags into the bus. We were stopping at the outdoor market because Blanca needed to get something. When we got other market we all went walking. I stopped at the info desk for a map first. Muriel found what she was looking for, continuous scarves. As we walked back through the market I saw a wooden mask that I liked.


We took off toward Tocagon in the bus to meet up with the community. At about 11am, we arrived, and they were ready for us. The place was cleaned up and ready. They wanted to do a dedication ceremony for the help we had given them. They gave Janel a plaque, then they gave us all scarves and hats one by one. Then Blanca gave us scarves (Amber helped her pick them out). Each church represented got a cloth to hang in their church, there were 8 total. Ken, Rene, and Curtis got wallets. And we gave Marilyn and Mary Katherine gift bags, we had given Luis and Blanca gift bags the night before. We all got up together and sang ‘God be with you ‘til we meet again’ and we also did the Adam’s family Prayer, snapping our fingers along with the Adam’s family theme. As we were leaving we said our goodbyes, Marilyn gave me a hug and told me to take care of myself. I told her to do the same. Then we were off to eat. I got the soup with the chicharrones on the side. All of the soup came with corn nuts and avocado.

After we left there we went to the Middle of the World in Quito. We took cheesy tourist photos on the line and walked into the tower to get our passports stamped. We climbed the stairs to the top looking at the exhibits on the way. The view was amazing. Ken was standing at the top of the Christian museum waving at us. Rene and I walked into the artist’s studio where he painted with luminescent paint. We took group photos and headed to the bus. We were headed to the airport, from the Middle of the World to the airport it took about 2 hours. The traffic was bad, bumper to bumper the entire way.

Our flight had been delayed so checking in wasn’t a big deal. When we got through checking in and airport screening we were given roses.  We relaxed and charged our phones. I sat next to a man from Frankfurt, Germany. His wife was from Ecuador.

The closer it was to boarding, we were laughing about nothing and the most absurd things. We tried sleeping.


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