Greatest Blessing


Blanca gave us Ecuador bracelets at breakfast this morning. When we got to the site, we started painting the big room and the two smaller rooms that were left. There were 6 of us in the room singing, and Blanca came in to record us and do interviews. At 10:30am, it was break time. We had oranges and crackers.

We painted until 12:30pm, as we could from the ground up. Only the high half of the room remained. Karla did the second coat on the ceiling. At lunch we got lentils, chips, pork chop and rice. After eating, Luis gave us all chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Ken gave Sebastian the footballs for the community center. We went outside and three boys needed people to play football with them. We played and lost. We even tried two goalies on one side and still lost. The end score was 7-2.

When we got on the bus we were all exhausted. It started to sprinkle and rain on our way back to town. The rain was cold but beautiful. It hadn’t rained the entire time we were there.

For dinner we had papaya oatmeal drink, avocado with corn salad inside. I ate the salad but gave my avocado to Luis and Blanca. Then we got shrimp with rice and plantain chips. For dessert we had tree tomatoes in sugar syrup. It was super sweet. Ken gave a gift of a football to the little girl whose parent worked in the hotel. Then thanked them for all that they had done for us.

Blanca (FEDICE) had gifts for every church that was represented and we got our passports back. We had stored them in the hotel safe. We did the Ash Wednesday ceremony by putting ash on everyone’s forehead in the shape of a cross, and celebrated Valentine’s Day.

I heard a clicking noise outside the room, similar to a clicking pen. We went to check and it was Rene with spray! We laughed and played like children spraying each other all the way down the hallway.


Curtis: At first he was reluctant to come since he is not a group person, but he enjoyed every minute of this trip.

Amber: She felt very useful today.

Muriel: Today was a good day, she helped Blanca with interviews and then was interviewed too.

Hugo: They finished the work, during the day sharing with all of you is a special time. I am so grateful that Rene is my friend.

Blanca: Today was another special day. Now it is time to say good bye and it is so hard. Thank you so much for coming here and working so hard.

Luis: Today has been a wonderful day and I always enjoy being with the kids.

Marcy: I think this has been one of the greatest blessings, coming here and meeting you. I am so grateful to the people and for Janel for arranging this.

Meghan: The other day Karla asked me if I stepped out of my comfort zone coming here. At first, wasn’t sure because I never live inside it. But I think I did!

Lindy: In the morning a little boy came to help paint and he tried all the brushes and techniques.

Jan: I’m not good at speaking but this has been a wonderful experience and making new friends.

Karla: It has stretched my faith being here and working with these people even if we couldn’t talk. I enjoyed the singing if we didn’t always know all the words.

Lori: Today was a good day but a sad day to see all the kids go.

Rene: This trip has been wonderful meeting all of these wonderful people. Thank you all so much.

Ken: This has been a beautiful experience and I am happy I had the opportunity.

Blanca: thank you so much again, as Hugo said,

it is a great opportunity to learn from you.


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