Painting and Singing


Today’s breakfast was papaya, bananas, pineapple and watermelon with a small cup of yogurt and cantaloupe juice. Today is the last day of carnaval, so we headed back to the hotel for our foam spray.

We grabbed our can and Luis asked who was ready. Blanca sprayed him in the back. Lori had a double barrel at one point and she pointed them at Luis as she got on the bus. When Ken got on, he pointed them at Luis and other people as well and said that “He wasn’t late.” We all had our spray. We arrived at the Tocagon at 9:08am

Blanca got everyone organized and then we started painting the ceiling in the large room. Lori and I ended up in the bathroom to paint. The long stick we were using with a roller on it was too long. They cut off a section of the stick near the bottom, which made it easier to move through the small room, but harder to reach the ceiling. Lori painted where she could and we maneuvered the pole into the bathroom stall at an angle so she could get the ceiling. Blanca suggested we paint the backside of the wall too. So Lori and I switched spots. The toilet lid was not sturdy enough to hold me so she gave me a chair to stand on. I stood on it and painted the ceiling. My arms were getting tired and my neck was bent all the way back. Lori and I started singing. Ken came into the bathroom to help paint the ceiling. I was glad because at this point I was using the concrete stall wall to pivot my brush back and forth. I helped paint the wall and soon we were singing Kumbaya. The acoustics in the bathroom were absolutely amazing. We also sang B.I.B.L.E. We enjoyed our time in the bathroom, everyone else was trying to sing with us but we couldn’t hear them because our own voices were bouncing back to us.

We took a break and got rolls filled with queso fresco. We all went back to work on one room. Some of us painted the top of the wall with rollers, some with brushes, and some on scaffolding. Some left to do grout work, or to paint the ceiling.

At lunch we got 2 empanadas; one green banana filled with meat and rice, the other was filled with cheese. They were both delicious. We also got a banana and chocolate and a choice of pop (coca-cola, strawberry, or orange). Muriel gave me her extra empanada, and Mary Katherine did the same. Luis and I danced at lunch. I grabbed his hand and started dancing, he did too. I smiled from ear to ear.

After lunch, we went back to the first room to finish. Karla and I got on the scaffold to reach the high points on the wall that were easier to be done with height. After that room was finished, Curtis painted around the door frame in the large room. Jan painted near the window and I painted on the other side of the door frame. The bus pulled up and I saw all the Vacation Bible School people getting on it.

Before dinner, Marcy, Karla, Ken, Muriel, and I went to the Aki grocery store next door. I did go down the chocolate and candy aisle and grabbed a bunch of things. I enjoy grabbing candy from different countries to share. I also found football related trading card stickers. Ken was telling me he collected baseball cards when he was younger and that he still has them. I gave one to everyone at dinner.

For grace we did Ken’s Adams family prayer. For dinner we had quinoa soup with chicken and carrots, meat with peppers, rice, fries and figs with cheese.


Karla: We share words but don’t always understand words, but we smile they smile.

Curtis: Karla, Jan, Meghan and I were talking about how it is easy for them to go to church here.

Marcy: Is getting exhausted, but enjoyed the fact that there were more people for first aid. They practiced wrapping.

Jan: She enjoyed painting and the people.

Blanca: Marcy’s class went from 41 to 64 people who were very interested to learn. What Marcy teaches is very important to the people.

Hugo: What was important to me were the people painting and singing.

Lori: The singing this morning was great. It made the work go faster. VBS was great, we had more children. Mateo looks just like my grandson from Pakistan.

Rene: The people are joyful people. We paint in the morning, unforeseen, but in the afternoon we work together with the people. I enjoy working with Hugo, we have great conversations.

Luis: Another wonderful day working with the kids. He is so proud of Muriel, Lori, and Amber with how they play with the kids. They sang, played with the kids and Carnaval.

Meghan: Had a pretty fun day, but am exhausted. Enjoyed the singing this morning and about 30 seconds of dancing at noon.

Janel: Was very impressed with how quickly we got to work and how much we got done.

Lindy: At first aid, I felt blessed by the people. Blanca had us do Janel’s exercises. People were so excited, took lots of pictures and were appreciative.

Ken: As you know, I enjoy singing.

Muriel: I had a wonderful day this morning. I got to hold a beautiful smiling baby for an hour. At VBS a little girl came up and held my hand.


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